Sending email failing

I’ve been happily using dreamhost to send and receive email to my domain,, for several years. It is now no longer working. The last successful send was 7:48am this morning. I verified that it wasn’t working before I changed anything. I’ve been trying all kinds of things tonight with essentially no success. I had a few remaining references to the m style account, but I believe I have those all purged now and I don’t think those were relevant. I did notice that I have been successfully using my actual username for outgoing mail rather than my email address. I switched it over to my own domain, but have found no lasting joy. There was a weird hiccup at one point when a couple of message went out, but when I tried sending another message with no config changes it didn’t work. I haven’t been able to reproduce that behavior with a lot of careful testing. My current settings for outgoing mail are (Mac OS X Mail):

Server name:
Use default ports (25, 465, 587)
Authentication: Password
User name:
Password: ******* (I have verified this password with webmail)

I have also tried explicitly setting the port to 587 with no joy. I have also tried just ‘nathan’ for the user name.

Anyone have any clues?


Add a address via Panel and test it on the software you’re using.

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