Sending e-mail from a Smartphone

I’m having some trouble sending e-mail from my new Smartphone. I’ve got the Motorola Q on Verizon Wireless. I’m able to recieve my e-mail, but when I try to send, it asks me to check my settings. Does anyone know how to get around this problem?


How are you checking/sending your email? You using an application on your phone to do this? IF this is the case, this is a Verizon issue and you need to contact them.

Or are you using a browser and going to squirrel mail?

yerba# rm -rf /etc

I’m actually using the built-in POP3/IMAP program.

I called Verizon after I posted this and found the answer. You have to have access to their outgoing mail server, which they have to set up for you.

So, I will have IMAP access to all of my Dreamhost accounts through Verizon while mobile.

Thanks for the reply!

Which is exactly what I was gonna tell ya if you said you were using an application on your phone. :slight_smile:

yerba# rm -rf /etc

Glad you worked this out. However, you’re probably going to have the same problem getting folders below the inbox to synch as I had, since all folders reside in the Inbox. (See my “folder issues” post earlier today.) I have the MotoQ also but the problem occurs in outlook express (at least earlier versions) and any application where one can’t set the path to the correct folder in the setup. Still wonder why we need to have the setup this way…