Sender-rewriting (SRS) for mail forwarders

The email forwarding setting in the Dreamhost Panel should implement sender-rewriting.

Without this, forwarded emails can be bounced as forgeries if the sender and forwarded destination implement SPF.

Here’s some info I’ve found on SRS and forwarding messages with SPF:

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I second and third this. When I forward messages to Gmail, it tests the previous address’s IP against the SPF record which returns a FAIL on every forwarded email.

For instance, if an email from is sent to then forwards to However with no rewriting or enveloping of the headers to indicate that it was forwarded Google will match the sending IP of agains the SPF record at which will always be incorrect. It should be matching the sending IP of against the SPF record of as it does with emails forwarded from my work email server and domain.

Please fix this.

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This is starting to get really important now, as forwarding is effectively broken if you’ve got an SPF record. You have to use ?all or +all which effectively cancels out the security that and SPF record provides.

Dreamhost, please, please implement SRS.