I’ve sent somewhere around 6 emails spread among two different recipients and have encountered the SENDER_QUOTA_REJECTION error.

Any other ideas?

Using PHP mail functions (via CodeIgniter)

Yes it is a well known DH bug.

might or might not mention that it is a genuine DH bug.

SENDER_QUOTA_REJECTION is not a bug. It indicates that you have tried to send more email messages than your quota permits within the last hour.

See for details.

Well it was too a bug for me, at least for my particular procmail
configuration. So much so that sponsored a Private
Server for me as a workaround, as that was simpler than fixing it.

As noted in the original posting, I only sent 6 emails, so I could not have triggered the quota, assuming a properly functioning detection system

Yeah, I’ve witnessed this glitch quite a few times on a PHPBB3 forum (sendmail) sending out activation links to as few as four new users in a day yet being apparently halted with the above quota warning. As I’m not “loosing thousannds” I disregard it and go about my day. If it were important email I’d be somewhat perturbed.

+1 to the “it can happen, even when it shouldn’t” people.

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I’d gotten this once before and Support indicated that the logging system had died and needed to be restarted.


andrewf - upon further reflection, since my initial post here seems a little terse, this was originally posted in another (older) thread which discussed the SMTP quota and the possibility that that was causing the error for another user. As such, it was clear that I had already considered and discarded that as a cause of my problem.

I reposted it as a new thread at someone else’s suggestion and I probably wasn’t fully awake yet, so I didn’t recognize the lack of context

I’ve got a support ticket open. I’ll follow up here with the outcome

I haven’t forgotten to update this. I’ve been awaiting a non-automated reply on my support ticket for 72 hours now.