Sender_bcc through Postfix possible?

At my current host, I currently use the sender_bcc functionality to make sure that all outgoing mail is bcc’d according the the settings that I specify. I do this because I want to auto-bcc on the server side rather than on the client side because I use multiple clients from multiple devices.

Here’s a good description:

I’m considering switching to DreamHost, but I’d like to make sure I can do this.

Does DreamHost Postfix have this capability?

I’ve not heard of it here and the wiki ( doesn’t mention it.

It’s probably best to contact DH sales/support (strangely, it turns out it’s the same group of guys) and ask them.

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And in case you can’t find it, here’s the contact form for pre-sales support:

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Thanks very much for the replies!

Hi…I’d like to follow up and put this question to the group. I did hear from DreamHost sales/support, and they do not support sender_bcc because the SMTP servers are different from the hosting servers that a client would SSH to.

Is there any other way to capture outgoing mail on the server side from a specific account in order to forward a copy to another account/e-mail for backup purposes? Perhaps through the web panel? I’d be using my domain/mail hosting only for me - this wouldn’t be for monitoring anyone else’s e-mail.

I use multiple mail clients, so client-side bcc’ing is not practical. Right now I have my own server, so I use the sender_bcc setup indicated above.

I did see posts from a couple years ago that indicated this wasn’t possible back then. Perhaps it is now?

Thanks for getting back to us with what you found out. Bummer.

I couldn’t find anything relevant in the wiki. You might need to ask support about this too. Sorry for being less than helpful!

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