Send mail problems

Anyone else having problems with their email?

In the last few days, I am suddenly having trouble sending email with attachments (very small ones - under 500k). It sits in my outbox forever, and then gives me an error saying it could not send. If I keep trying, eventually it goes. It works fine if I send it online from squirrel mail.

Just wondering if it has anything to do with DH, or maybe ISP (Charter)? My outgoing mail server has to be set to to work.

I’m using Mail on a mac, if that makes a difference.

It’s probably one of two things. Eith you heavn’t rebooted recently and it’s time to do that (a least that works with an IBM based machine, I don’t know macs) or your ISP is making trouble.

And your outgoing mail is sending through your ISP, not dreamhost. If your IP doesn’t allow you to send E-mail though (you should ditch tem if you can) and it’s not going though your DH acccount at all.