Send mail path

I am trying to setup an auto responder (sequential) and I need to know the path to the send mail program on my mail server.

I could not find any info in the support wiki, would anyone know what the path is. The script was looking for something like this

Type the full path to your EMail program.

If you’re not sure of this, ask your server administrator


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

apologies to rparker

Mike S

It can be a bit difficult to find stuff in the wiki at times, but this one is in there. :wink:

“/usr/sbin/sendmail is the path to sendmail on our systems.”

That info you were looking for is located at Where is sendmail?, which is just one entry on a page with other useful programming related information regarding where stuff lives.

Apology accepted, rock on! :slight_smile: .


will that path need to be preceeded by http://?

I don’t think so. It is unix style path.

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jonathan_c is correct. That path describes the program’s location in the filesystem; it is not reachable via the http protocol addressed in that way. :slight_smile:


A forum member just pointed out that those links to the wiki pages are broken … It seems that “linking” those particular urls with this forum software “breaks” them, so here is a “modified” link that should work to get you to the “main” page with the information (you can follow the “Where is sendmail?” link from there: :wink:,_PHP,and_Databases/_Where_is…?&action=view

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: