Send filled out forms from our website to mailbox


How do I get a contactform which is filled out on my website by our customers, into the email box for ex. info@…. ?
The email accounts are ’ hosted’ by Dreamhost.
Sometimes it works, the forms come in, sometimes they don’t come in at all. My customer calls me on the phone asking us why we are not responding to their questions ?
The Customer receives a message everything is submitted, a polite
thank you,…

Is it a Dreamhost server problem ?
The Chat sessions we had did not seem very clear about this subject.


Is the “FROM:” address header from a valid address on YOUR dreamhost hosted domain?

Specifically, it sounds like the From address might be the email address filled out by the form filler. That won’t work. If that’s the case, and you want to know more, it’s covered in many threads in this forum over the last several years.