Send email from Dreamhost’s

I can send email from webmail to a Google account of iCloud account and they will receive it just fine. I can’t send it to another Dreamhost account or back to the same account through webmail. I am getting the same results sending through iOS and sending through any desktop mail application. I would think if this was something where I screwed up settings (which I’ve double and triple-checked), then I would at least be able to send email from Dreamhost’s own webmail, but that isn’t even happening. What’s going on here?

Hi, for me webmail doesn’t work correctly

Try installing a email client such as Thunderbird

The most common cause for emails being caught is when a mail system detects and catches any potential redirection madness that could result in infinite looping.

The first thing to check is to ensure that your tests are sending from a Fully Hosted address to another Fully Hosted address and not to a Redirect or Forwarding endpoint.

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