Semidedicated Sharing


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I was cruising around the web helping out a guy embedding WP and Gallery2 together and got to talking about hosting. Like the majority of us, he is on shared hosting however his hosting company also has an option for a premium to move to a shared server (called semidedicated sharing) with a maximum of < 10 customers on it…

I like this idea, as one of the pitfalls of Shared Hosting is you are at the mercy of the people utilising the machine and you have patches of time when sites slow down etc when the machine is under load.

The question is if Dreamhost offered an option to move you to a machine with a maximum of X customers on it for a premium would you take it??? and what kind of premium would you pay.

For me I am on the Code Monster and I would strongly considere paying upto $34.95/Month to move to a Semidedicated Sharing Machine where I know my site performance will always been maintained…


At $100/month you could go in with a couple friends/associates/partners and get a dedicated server. You’ll get the same benefits as your semi-dedicated server with the added bonus of knowing the people you’re sharing the server with and having a little more control over the configuration of the machine.

Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t take advantage of it currently, as I’m not running any sites that warrant it. If I was running anything more important, I’d first look into sharing a dedicated machine with someone I know, or co-locating my own, depending on cost and my specific needs.

I think the most I would pay for hosting personal sites is around $50/month (I’m currently paying $20). For commercial sites I would be willing to pay more, as there’s more at stake and I would (hopefully!) be making money from them as well.

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I have certainly thought about going down the fully dedicated server path but I cannot get enough people together to cover the cost…

Thus why I really like the option to have a machine that is Semidedicated…


Virtual Private Server? Lots of companies offer those. They’re kinda like dedicated servers, except you share the physical server box with ten to thirty other virtual servers. They come with guaranteed minimum resources that are usually burstable – e.g. when the memory of the system isn’t being taxed, you can use more than your allotted minimum. They’re sorta halfway between shared hosting and dedicated servers, just like you suggested. Couple of good places that offer VPS are and