(Semi-)automating e-mail account creation

I’ve done a bit of searching, but couldn’t find an answer to this on my own…

Essentially, my goal is: I would like to create a site for a small community where users have the option of signing up for an e-mail address through the domain. So, for example, if my site were www.granoblasticmanisawesome.com people could fill out a form requesting an address@granoblasticmanisawesome.com

Naturally, I’d want to subject the accounts to an approval process so I don’t suddenly become a source of spam.

That being said, I don’t want to have to create individual accounts through cPanel “by hand.” Is there any way to script batch e-mail creation?

Have you had a look at the Panel API ?
I can’t remember what email functionality is available to you through it at the moment (I’m at work and the site’s blocked) but I’m sure there is at least some.

Unfortunately, the panel API only lets you create new “users” (ftp, ssh, etc) but not new e-mail accounts. The e-mail section is rather lacking; you can only see and modify e-mail filters.

The API does lack email account creation. I wish they would just allow creation of aliases via API, so I could create those on the fly, I prefer to use completely unique email addresses when registering for something online.

You might check out this post for a possible workaround.

I hope a reference to a service is acceptable here. I’ve been using SneakEmail.com for years. It’s a for-fee service (quite reasonable) which allows you to create any number of email addresses for use everywhere. I have a different address for every website and company that I contact. If they divulge my address, I know exactly who did it, and I can disable or delete the address. You can also create addresses on the fly, like when you walk into a store and need to give an address to get some discount or join a club.

BTW, I came here looking for the same thing as the OP. I really want to be able to generate and maintain email addresses for my DH domains via the API. This topic has been brought up many times in the past and I’d really appreciate it if DH would add the feature. Honestly, of everything going on at DH, this is the only feature that I actually want from them outside of what we have.

Don’t hold your breath. I doubt seriously that they will ever do it for a variety of reasons. The biggest being they already have trouble keeping the mail servers off RBL’s. Allowing customers to automate the process of handing out free email addresses to users of their website would just add to this problem.

The intent of unlimited addresses per domain is to allow you to give emails to your employee’s, associates, etc, not hand them out for free to the general public.

What is your hosting plan? If not DreamHost PS, you are violating the Unlimited Policy. Making emails “manually” is the only way DreamHost currently allows it, because, as you said, there is no API and this is NOT for email hosting, it is for SMALL BUSINESSES.

Also, for future reference, DH does not use cPanel. They use the DH Web Panel.

I’ve juste created a PHP API that create and delete email accounts from the dreamhost web panel.

You can check it out here: https://github.com/danielribeirobr/DHMailAPI