Hi all… New to DreamHost AND to WordPress (one-click install). I have had websites before and I’m very confused. Can someone please give me some simplified answers to these questions, please?

  1. Where do I find a File Manager function that allows me to see my site structure as DreamHost would see it? (How can I get out of the WP module and see actual files in the index directory, for instance?)

  2. If I can’t do that (heck, even if I can) how do I find where I named the index page? I no longer can find it, but it seems to be interfering with allowing WP to upload.

  3. If I want to upload files that are clickable by name, how do I do it?

  4. What is the difference between a Page and a Post?

If it helps at all, my URL is

Thank you for reading and any responses.

  1. Use a ftp program such as FileZilla or

  2. Index page is under the directory ‘’ - it is currently defaulting to a Dreamhost page.

  3. If you are using FileZilla make sure you have the correct directories at both ends and either double-click on the file(s) or right-click and ‘upload’

  4. Assuming you are referring to WP (which I don’t use) - page is probably what you get on the url and post is segment you uploaded on one occasion but I doubt these have ever been defined.


Thanks, Tomt!

I’ll see if the ftp will help me get rid of that quickstart.html. Supposedly the one-click install is supposed to override it, so I have a feeling it won’t help. I wish I had more knowledge on these things.

Ok, that didn’t help. I was able to get onto ftp site but not change anything. Now something has happened with my pw.

I would love to know how to find someone who could sit with me for thirty minutes or so to walk me through these very basic points. I once posted an ad on Craigslist and got a bunch of scammers. Any suggestions?