Selling website and domain and transferring


I have sold one of my websites that I have hosted on dreamhost.

I have persuaded the buyer to also set up hosting on dreamhost.

All I need to do is transfer the site from my hosting to his and the domain registration too.

Can someone give me an idea of the steps involved? I am a completely noob at this as the people who made the site originally uploaded to dreamhost for me.



Hi Tim,

This is a convoluted process, summary of which is:

For transferring domain name

  1. unlocks domain from panel
  2. change contact details for domain to yours if you are using DH as proxy
  3. respond to emails from DH


  1. requests transfer from panel
  2. respond to emails from DH

For transferring website

  1. first you delete the domain from your account
  2. then buyer adds domain to his/her account; files have to be uploaded manually

Following articles would be useful:


Did the person who signed up use a promo code? Because if he did I do not think he can add your domain name to his hosting account until his promotional period is over. You should contact support and ask them about it.