Selling domain with DH hosting


I am owner of one domain hosted at DH. However I don’t have time to administer it any longer - and I wanted to pass my hosting plan (with one registered domain) to someone else (already found willing person). And my question is: what should I do (step-by-step - if it’s not a problem) to change owner of hosting plan (including billing account settings) and domain. In other words - I don’t want to be connected in any way with “my” domain, because I don’t agree with all decisions of new webmaster.


You can transfer the domain, but I am not sure you can actually transfer the hosting account. Your best option would be to contact DreamHost support and ask them if this is possible.


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Another thing you can do is to create a new user for said domain and grant total access to the hosting account for it through the “permissions” section of the control panel. After that, you can change the billing information and you should be good to go… or just talk to support and they can do it for you :slight_smile: - City Streets

OK, thx for answers. Idea with new user and apropriate permissions seems to be good, but to be sure - I will talk to support first.


I think it is better to transfer to new user so that new user is able to renew the account.

Good luck!

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