Selling a domain name

After registering a domain name via dreamhost, it is possible to sell the domain name to someone else? If so, how do you go about doing this?

You’ll probably have to wait 60 days before transferring it, but sure, you can sell a domain name.

I use (at the buyer’s expense) if I sell one, but you don’t have to if you trust the person, or get paid in funds that can’t be charged back later.

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Thanks, it was myself making that initial post (lost password).

Do you not have to have some sort of paperwork to prove you own a domain address before you can sell it?

I registered one address and the company sent me some paperwork from nominet or whatever thay are called.

This not the same for the .com addresses?

I shall have a look at the web site you mentioned.



It is the same for .com hosting. Or probably domain registered with someone from the UK.