Selective Non-responsiveness?

My service is on Chiclet, and I am really happy with the uptimes on the server.

However, recently, I have been encountering some problems with accessing all of my websites on Chiclet. When I click on a link, the browser shows “Loading” for a few minutes before the page begins to load. This is a randomly manifested problem as it will suddenly revert to its normal response time for a few more page navigations. Then it will happen again suddenly, which puzzles me a lot.

I checked with Support, and they have assured me that there is nothing physically wrong with Chiclet right now. However, this is puzzling, since I can access all other DreamHost websites fine; it is only with my own websites do the response time hit a few minutes.

Does this have anything to do with my ISP, or is my IP address being restricted for Chiclet?

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You can put a small CGI like this to monitor the status of the server to see if it’s caused by server side or not.

If you see high load average when the page load is slow, then I would assume there are some users running heavy thing or some sites with heavy traffic, sporadicly.

Name it “ps.cgi” or whatever with .cgi and chmod 755.
Put it in a password protected directory, for the security.

exec 2>&1
ps auxwww

...* I’d be happier if DH had free shared SSL and redundant server setup. ..*.

i am getting the same problem on gatorade…

i tried to set up the script but then the webftp application is very slow aswell… which inclines me to believe it may be the server.

does anyone know any more infomation?

my domain is if anyone just wants to double check this fact…

its now 42 past the hour (which ever time zone your in!) its been doing this for about the past 10 minutes…

i am not to concerned because the only person visiting my site at the moment is me, but i just posted the site to a forum to see if anyone wanted to come and now its being unresponsive

it was fine 15 mins ago!