Seems like email forwarding isn't working


Hi there

We have our site and email accounts with you. We forward most of our emails on to ‘names’ addresses and this has been working fine for some time, but as of the last week it is like the forwarders have stopped working.

Today I went through and added a new email account which worked fine, but I then put a forwarder on this account and any new messages sent to it still kept just coming in to this inbox (not forwarding).

Have you changed anything in your system recently that may have caused our forwarders to stop working?

The domain in reference is

Thanks heaps in advance.


Hi! Sorry for the delayed response.

When you tried setting up the new forwarding account, were you still pointing it to a address? If you haven’t, please try forwarding anywhere else (i.e., a gmail account or other DH-hosted email even). It may be that the receiving end at is blocking incoming messages from our mail servers. If forwarding to a different type of address works, that is likely the case. Please allow a good 10-20mins after creating a new email account or forward for it to function properly. If it seems it may only be related to the address, please let us know here so that our abuse department can try and get that block lifted as soon as possible: :slight_smile: