Seems i have messed up some thing regarding users


I have managed to mess some things up. Or at least thoroughly confused myself, in my own ignorance.

The WordPress installation on my site was installed under user tspnyc.

But when I found out that if I use that username to actually manage and post on my site, the metadata will show everyone that tspnyc made the posts, I decided not to use that name. That acronym is well known in certain circles and I would prefer my blogging to at least have the appearance of being more low key, if not anonymous.

I created a user in my WordPress dashboard called oneman and I deleted all other users. So the Admin and only user created for the WordPress portion of my site is called “oneman.”

I also created an ftp user account in Dreamhost called ftp4omz, but now I see it matters a great deal what user uploads things to FTP.

I had wanted to use that as my primary ftp account and not use tspnyc.

But my WordPress install is under tspnyc, which caused all the hoopla of my not seeing folder in the foot of the FTP tree. I was logging in with ftp4omz, not tspnyc.

Two issues arise here.

  1. is there any reason why I cannot continue with oneman as my WordPress site admin account, while retaining a separate Admin name for the Dreamhost control panel and FTP loading? Will there be issues when it comes to accessing subdirectories, subdomains, etc?

  2. Is there any reason I need to use the original tspnyc user at all? Does it have privileges other users do not have? Can I change either the name of this main account to oneman, or create a oneman ftp user to be the main administrator of my Dreamhost and WordPress site, both?

I would be happy to uninstall and clear my server and reinstall WordPress in the new oneman user directory, if that makes sense. The site is only made up of test gargage right now.

Or is there really no connection between the WordPress site admin and the FTP admin, so it doesn’t matter if I use tspnyc for all FTP and Dreamhost realted things, it will not affect what user oneman does when making the actual blog sites(?)


Still confused.

Just FYI, you now have quite a number totally separate threads about this, and it’s making us answer you all over the place which isn’t really efficient :wink:

I replied here and explained how to change the accounts:

The FTP account doesn’t really matter. No one sees it but you, so if you want to use tspnyc, or oneman, that’s totally up to you. The FTP account is totally separate from the user account you use on your WordPress site, too.

Thanks. this can be closed, am moving focus to the longer thread. Did not know if WordPress things were allowed in Beginners and vice versa.