Seemless DNS switching (with mirrored domain)

Hello! Please forgive me if this is a beginner’s question, but I’m new to the Dreamhost environment (I usually work in cpanel and WHM).

I’m setting up a website currently hosted on HostGator. I want to swap it over to Dreamhost and keep the downtime to a minimum. Here’s what I’ve done so far (in this order):

And everything works perfectly fine. No issues with that so far.

My question is, once I re-point the domain to Dreamhost instead of Hostgator, will I have to update the wordpress database to fix url issues? Or do I have to reinstall the whole thing to rebuild the database? The wiki isn’t very clear about the cases in which this applies. If anyone can clarify this for me I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

IMO the better way to set up a site before DNS change is to use the “hosts” file method to view the site, rather than the “dreamhosters” method.

Reason being you avoid the dreamhosters domain for ever getting into your database.

The bad news is yes you will likely need to make database updates to rid yourself of dreamhosters links embedded in your site, the good news is your site will still work while you get that done (provided you don’t delete the dreamhosters mirror too soon).

I actually use a 3rd method that they seem to have dropped from that wiki article. Using dreamhost DNS servers locally. In my case my router handles DNS locally, and I just tell my router to use dreamhosters DNS servers. They likely dropped the method from the article because it can be messy and when changing it on a Windows computer it also means rebooting once when you set it up and once whe your going back to your regular DNS, and if your working on the new site off and on it ends up in a lot of reboots. It only works out for me because my router make its easy and doesn’t require any reboots.

Also just re-read your question: there is a plugin you can use to update the database to get rid of dreamhosters domain name.

Ooohhh! Thank you so much! I’ll try the “hosts” method next time, see if that works out better. In the meantime, I’ll sniff around for that wordpress plugin!

Thanks again! You were super helpful! :smiley: