Seeking OpenVBX advice

Hello! I am wondering if anyone has an idea of how I can fix my install of Open VBX that has php error messages
Or will I need to go to another platform and if so, any suggestions? I loved that this was a one click install and was soooo sad when I went to use it again and it was no longer. I looked at the twillio site and it seems rather involved for a basic coder like me.
Thanks for reading ! :smiley:
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I’d guess that Open VBX still requires PHP 5.x. DH now defaults all sites to PHP 7, but I gather you can still run older version by adjusting .htaccess rules. Here’s the KB article:

Thanks so much for your reply habilis, it sounds like running that old of a php version is not recommended at all and that was a while ago. Any thoughts on that? I’m not sure if I’ll be doing wrong by trying this.

Forcing an old system PHP might get you out of trouble in the short term, however PHP5 will disappear from the system – and most likely without any notification whatsoever – when DreamHost next update the base OS across servers.

According to Twilio’s GitHub account the OpenVBX project has been abandoned for several years. Some random guys forked it and tried to keep it breathing for a while but they too abandoned it as well. Unless you are willing to rewrite the code I’d have to suggest that it’s best to move on from this software or use one of Twilio’s current offerings from their “Studio” (assuming any of them have the functionality you require).

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Little chance that will happen anytime soon on Shared Hosting :slight_smile:



I won’t argue with that, however I remember the pain when sqlite went missing from all DH system PHP versions available and it rendered many applications > /dev/null

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Thank you for your feedback on this. I think I’ll have to look for another up to date option to do what openvbx had been doing for me.

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