Seek Advice setting up an effective Spam block list

I’m having a lot of trouble getting spam for my email addresses filtered.

I have the email filters set up to delete emails if they contain certain words in the subject or the “from”.

Problem is, the emails continue to make it through the filters!

Are the filters case sensitive? Do they support wildcards?

If I’m trying to ban the “Enlargement” spams, can I set up a filter that bans “Enlarg*” or something like that?

Is it best to have one word per filter, or load them up and select “any of the above”?

I once read that some people use Google to filter the spam before it makes it to dreamhost servers. Is this true and if so does it work?

One thing I’ve noticed is if I have 5-6 words to check, If I select “any of the above” instead of the default “all”, when I save the filter and recheck it, it’s gone back to “all” words.