See a domain online before DNS has transferred?

Hosted a site on Dreamhost that is now hosted elsewhere. Initiated reg transfer but it is going to be a while, so trying to get everything set up with the new site before the reg switch goes live.

Any way to see a site on Dreamhost when the DNS is actually pointing elsewhere? So, for instance: DNS reg and hosting elsewhere. Initiated reg transfer.

Meanwhile, on Dreamhost I set up the hosting for and have the site all put together. But I want to show the client what I have… but when I put in, still goes to the old site because the DNS still points to the old hosting…

Am I explaining this well? I feel like I’m being confusing…

There are several ways to do this.

Actually the method that I use isn’t directly listed in that article anymore. I change my local settings to use Dreamhost’s nameservers. Dreamhost generates DNS entries on it’s nameservers, so using dreamhost nameservers on your local system will let you see the site at Dreamhost instead. (, (, ( (if you don’t know how to set this up use this article: except instead of google’s IPv4 addresses which are and use the dreamhost IP’s above. Leave the IPv6 spaces blank.)

Another method you would be able to try is setting the hosts file on your local system to point the DNS to your domain that is hosted at Dreamhost. This would be a local DNS change to only your system. And when you are done viewing the site you would just remove the entry from your hosts file to have the DNS resolve normally.

Old thread dude…

True, but it’s still relevant information if someone else were to look up this topic, having the same question.