Security question

I changed my password, and then attempted to create a security question. When it asks for my current password, it doesn’t accept the current OR previous password. It says it’s the incorrect password. I can, however, login with the new password.

Does it work yet? Sometimes it takes a bit for things to sync up.


no, it’s not working still. It’s a bit of a strange issue, though.

I’m not terribly concerned with it at the moment, but if you guys figure it out, just let me know.


No one here is going to “figure it out”. You need to contact support through the panel.

Hmm… I thought this WAS the support method. I’ll take a look in the panel.

I’m not sure what made you think that.
When you join the forums, there’s an intro page that states thus:

Please understand that these forums are not routinely checked by DreamHost employees (although we do show up from time to time!), and are not meant as a replacement for the KBase or support form. While a great way to receive help and insight from other DreamHost customers, you should use the above options if you need a fast or official response.[/quote]
Anyways - hopefully support can address your concerns :wink:

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