Security and redirection

software development



This is the first time i deal with directory security.

Basically, I am not sure how to implement the security on the website. From what i can tell, i have 2 options being:

  1. create a members area on my website, and when people login, give access to the secure folders
  2. have links to the files in secure directory and ask username every time or first time i gues.

Basically, I am not sure what is the usual way to implement this. I’m not sure if the norm is to have a link to the directory, then in same way if successfull redirect the link to the secured area… and if this is the case, how to make sure that the area being redirected too, can not be directly accessed without password.

Secondly, if i have say 20 files that is downloadable from my secured area, i don’t know how to display it in a nice way on my site for the user to easy download. I will appreciate help or suggestions from you guys as i am new to this.

I apologise for asking silly questions, but hope to learn a lot from this.


Ben Jooste