Securing images on SSL pages

Hi I’ve got a secure dreamhost site with Comodo cert and unique IP. There are however some images on my site that are seemingly preventing the padlocks from activating on my store checkout page that have obviously been orginally uploaded to an nonsecure part of my file structure. Does anyone know how do I go about moving these image files to the https area?


It’s a common problem with WordPress.

Go through your Admin and remove the “http:” from all linked data so it looks like “//somedomain.tld/

Viewing the source of any page that gives you a problem helps track down the parts that need altering. They often include theme files and javascript/css inclusions. Plug-ins as well. The list goes on.

Another option is to force all connections to use https via .htaccess rewrite rules.

There’s probably a (sigh!) plug-in that will do it - but you’d be far better off fixing it properly.


Sorry to be a it dumb here, what exactly do you mean by ‘go through your Admin’ do you mean manually go through the offending pages via FTP.

WordPress Admin panel (the bit where you login to make posts).