Secure webdav?

Hi All,

I just moved to dreamhost from jungledisk/amazon s3 because dreamhost seemed to be a better deal.

However, from what I can tell there dreamhost does not offer any secure form of webdav. More specifically, my webdav username/password is sent in plain text! And the data is not sent in any encrypted format. This is really deficient.

Also, jungledisk had implemented a local cache so I wouldn’t keep fetching already fetched data from the dreamhost server. Implementing a local cache would help reduce dreamhost’s bandwidth load (and also reduce the user’s bandwidth transfer amount). A cache also would make the webdav drive seem more responsive, since fetches would be faster.

Anyway, back to the security aspect. Is there any way to set up secure webdav with dreamhost? Or, does anyone know if there are any plans to implement this?

I believe this is an area of the market that will grow. Dreamhost could easily tap into this market and get most of the amazon s3 users over if they implement these things.


I set up a secure SSH tunnel:

/usr/bin/ssh -L 5548:localhost:548

Then Connect to localhost port 5548 to mount your “drive.”

Granted, it’s not WebDAV, but it is a secure connection to the same location.


If you’re on Windows, check out SftpDrive.

I’m researching this myself.

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