Secure way to backup SQL dbs

I am new to website stuff, but I have successfully loaded up my WordPress site online. (It took about 50 hours of research and trial and error, but it’s up!) I’ve made some online changes to the site, so I’d like a fresh backup of everything. I am backing up the non-SQL files through Cyberduck. (I’m on a Mac.)

I don’t feel that DH’s MyPHP Admin site is very secure. In fact, DH says it is not secure. But I’m having a hard time finding secure ways of accessing it. I’m also trying to simply download or backup my SQL files on MyPHP even though I know it is not secure. I click the same options I did when I uploaded the site from a local host on my machine to the DH server…and the backup just disappears. I’ve also thought about setting up a new empty db in MyPHP Admin and then hopefully “importing” the files from my live SQL files. I have set up the empty SQL file, but I’m nervous about importing.

Are there any simple ways to get a backup? And, to do it in somewhat of a secure manner? I’ve read some stuff online from DH and from WordPress, and did what they said, but I can’t find my actual backup if I have indeed created one.

Also, this might seem obvious, but when using the terms uploading and downloading when dealing with SQL/My PHP Admin, (and also on Cyberduck) does that mean it’s always making a copy and it is not damaging or deleting my original files?


Just posted in reply to another question about backups that may solve your problem as well.