Secure SMTP Support?

[quote]Hey Happy DreamHost Customers!

The second thing we semi-mention in the newsletter is that we now support
Secure SMTP for sending email through our servers.

All this means is that you can have your password encrypted when you send
email through our mail servers via SMTP. You just need to check off the
appropriate box in your email client… something along the lines of “use
Secure SMTP” or “Use TLS” or “SSL SMTP”.

One caveat… the secure certificate we use for Secure SMTP is just signed
by us, and not a “trusted” certificate authority like VeriSign. This
means you’ll probably get a warning from your email client when you send
an email with Secure SMTP along the lines of “certificate signer is
untrusted” and probably also “certificate name doesn’t match”.

These are fine! Just click ok, and if possible tell your email client to
not prompt you for these warnings again by “accepting the certificate”.
If you can’t get the warnings to go away and they really bug you, please
consider just not using Secure SMTP like before!

The Happy DreamHost Nobody-Stealin-Our-Email-Password Team![/quote]
Okay, well does anyone know how to get this to work with Outlook 2003? I have an IMAP account setup w/ the “use ssl” on both the incoming and outgoing SMTP connections. The incoming SSL works find, but i get the following message on the outgoing ssl: