Secure server / certificate

I purchased a certificate/ip addy/key/added https, etc. Dreamhost installed the certificate for me on Monday. Now, when I go to https://www.mysiteetc on mozilla it tells me the certificate is working and my site is secure (in its own words though) but on internet explorer it tells me that the site I am visiting isn’t secure.

Is there a reason it’s doing that?

The certificate is from godaddy.

It seems to be a browser issue though. I am on a Macintosh, happens in both OS 9 and X with IE. It doesn’t happen with Mozilla or Safari.

I had some pc users test it, and it was fine in IE across the board. I doubt I will have many Macintosh users visiting the site, so I won’t worry. I was just curious why it was happening.

Thanks for the link.

This is probably due to the fact that IE/Mac is years out of date. Anyone using it is probably used to all sorts of problems these days. I wouldn’t worry about it. At the most, maybe show a note to IE/Mac users suggesting that they use Safari instead.

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I agree. But, I won’t make the suggestion, the people who will be using the site most likely are not going to be on Macintosh and, after what I have read googling this subject, chances are if they are using IE on a mac, they know what to expect.

I had just tested it in as many environments that I coule and noticed that message using IE, and I was just wondering if there was a problem with my certificate.