Secure scripts folder

Hello all,

I realize we can run scripts out of any folder but what I need to know is how to make the particular folder I’m running scripts out of “secure” without it affecting the scripts themselves. I want the folder to be like other cgi-bin folders where you can’t access the files in the folder but the scripts run. Right now, if I type the name of my .ini files, they’ll pop right up for all the world to see. Would I set permissions on this folder a certain way or ? How can I make it like a normal cgi-bin on other servers?
Thanks in advance!

Turn off directory indexing, or set permissions on the directory to 0751 instead of 0755. If you want to prevent specific files (such as configuration files, or files with passwords in them) from being viewed, you can set those to 0640 or 0600.

Thanks, Will. That seems to have done the trick!