Secure podcasting

One of my clients has ra file for podcasting. This file cannot be accessed by everyone, just the people he sends it to, like password protected…

Does anyone know of a place to do secure podcasting of this sort? Or is there software I can use on my hosting package that does secure podcasting? Any help is appreciated.

Locking-down any resource is really only a matter of programming. You can write something that will check for a username/password before allowing a user to access a specific resource, or directory.

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you could use a simple .htaccess file and create one user/password or create multiple groups.
the hassle is keeping it up to date if it changes.
use something like Drupal, built in security and podcasting with lots of features.

ping me, I can have it installed in 10 minutes.



As it turned out I needed to stream these files for cell phones, both in the US and in Europe. It was a task…but did get completed. It was the cell phones in Europe that threw me for a loop!!!

May I see the solution? It sounds very very interesting.