Secure Payments

I’m going to be building a shopping cart type deal.
How do I get https on dreamhost? Also what payment gateway would you suggest. I work with PHP. I was looking into as they have PHP API’s.

I’ve never done a CC application that didn’t refer people to some lame paypal deal, so advice would be nice.

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Firstly, you will probably need a Unique IP which costs $47.40 yearly or $3.95 monthly. You will also need a secure certificate which costs $189 yearly from Geotrust. Consider securing a better deal for secure certificate elsewhere.

Secondly, is a relatively good payment gateway. You should be able to find quite a number of competetively priced packages around easily.

Thirdly, you might wish to try credit card processing services from companies such as With that, you will not need the Unique IP and secure certificate as such companies will handle all your payment on their secured servers thus reducing the cost.

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Also, are you planning on rolling your own shopping cart software or are you planning on using a package? If you’re going to use a package it’s frequently easier to use of of the payment services that’s pre-integrated with the shopping cart package.

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tips: you can intergrate PayPal to your shopping cart. It provides secured payment environment.

If you have intergrated PayPal to your shopping cart, users will be directed to paypal’s secured https website and finish payment over there. After they finish payment, they will be redirected to your website.

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