Secure Hosting: what do the settings mean?

When adding Secure Hosting for a domain/subdomain (with IP), you have to fill in some information. What do the following fields mean? What exactly happens, whether I fill in this or that … ?

[quote]Organization Name: […]
Name of your “Security Department”: [Internet Security Division]
Organization’s City: […]
FULL State/Province: […]
(no abbreviations!)
Country: [Dropdown]
Certificate Admin. Email: […][/quote]

Are the values of these fields public? Can everybody see what I filled in here? (at the self-signed certificate?)

Why “organization”? I’m a single private person …
What to enter at “FULL State/Province” if this doesn’t apply to your country?
What the hell is a “Security Department” or “Internet Security Division”?
DOES the email have to be existent?

May I lie with everything?

Yes, the fields are all public. They’re part of the SSL certificate format. Not all of the fields are meaningful for individuals or small organizations, or are globally relevant… just fill them out with something. The values don’t have to be correct for a self-signed certificate; however I’d recommend that you fill them out correctly in case you upgrade to a CA-signed certificate later.

Alright. Thanks for your clear and useful answer :slight_smile:

I need this self-signed certificate for my personal use only (only to encrypt traffic between me and my site).

But if that would be the case, I could update that information for a CA-signed certificate, correct?