Secure hosting, SSL certificate and https costs?


I am interested in having https added to my site as some members are requesting to have this. So I was wondering what the total costs are going to be and what is required to get https working?

I noticed Dreamhost has a Secure Hosting option that costs $3.95/month for Unique IP billing. So I buy this and then click Add Secure Certificate, which costs $15. Is this an actual SSL certificate that costs only $15?

It turns out that the total is $62.40. Is this all that is required for full SSL and https security or is there anymore that I need to purchase?


SSL certificates, perfectly robust ones, aren’t very expensive. Sounds real to me.

I notice at the bottom of the Add Certificate page it says to go to to complete validation. Does this mean that in addition to the $15 fee, I still have to purchase a certificate over at comodo?

I expect they are reselling Comodo SSLs, and that’s a good company. No, it’s part of the verification process, that’s all. What you pay is all you need to pay each year for the certificate.

There are also many different types of certificates.

Basic, Wildcard, extended verification… etc

The type that you need to buy depends on your use. So do your homework.

The basic cert is $15.00 and will only work for the exact basic domain name.
A wildcard certificate will work for the domain and any sub-domain within that domain.
EV certificates also come in different flavors, and this is the only type that will turn the address bar green.

Be careful that you understand what you are buying based on your needs before you buy.

I have a marketplace website and members are concerned about the login and registration page not having SSL. We don’t store sensitive data like credit card numbers and bank accounts, but they refuse to sign up without SSL.

I’m not sure how big a deal this or how many people people take this seriously or not, this is the first time anyone’s ever brought the issue up to me. This is really all I need the SSL for. I was hoping the basic SSL would be good enough for sitewide SSL security.