Secure Hosting howto bring my own certificate


I have enabled secure hosting for some of my domains. Although I posses validated certificates (not issued by Dreamhost), I have not found a way in the web panel to add those certificates to my secure domains.

Have I just overlooked that feature, or can’t I bring my own certificates?


Does your secure domains already have some certificates enabled before you try adding the validated certificates that you got from another provider? What’s the deal of getting other validated certificates from another provider if I may ask?

you can. Panel -> Domains -> Secure Hosting.
The flow changed a little since the last time i was there, but add secure hosting, it will give you a free self signed certificate, then you can edit and choose manual configuration.

There are many levels of certificates. Dreamhost doesn’t offer all. Also in some cases a developers customer may provide a certificate purchased elsewhere for many different reasons.

Thanks for your reply! The manual configuration confused me a little bit, as the certificate and private key fields were already filled out, but after your post I reviewed this again and it seems I managed to add my certificates!

Thanks again!