Secure FTP / Secure Upload

Is there a way I can use sftp or scp or secure upload to upload to my dreamhost website?

i went to the page described earlier in the knowledge base but it doesn’t tell me the proper settings for sftp. I am trying it on Cyberduck for the Mac. are these the correct settings?:

host: [server name] (or
protocol: sftp
username and password: whatever you have set up in your control panel

do i use public key authentication?

for some reason, I’m unable to log in via SFTP? Can anyone else?

Yes, I always use SFTP.

Have you enabled shell access in the Control Panel?

More info in: 3 Tips for Secure Communication

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I’m using Transmit on the Mac and trying to connect. Do we have to enable ssh/telnet in the panel for that user account?

Also, under that there’s a drop-down that says TYPE with the following in the drop-down…:


Are there differences between these?

Yes, exactly. Enable ssh/telnet for the user account you are using to connect to the FTP server.

I think the difference is mainly for UNIX nerds. Just go for /bin/bash…

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if you use secure IMAP/SMTP, does the shell need to be enabled? Or will it still work w/o enabling this?

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Yes, it is mainly for *nix nerds. bash and the others listed are command line interperters. When you type in commands via ssh or telnet, a program this program takes it and tells your hardware what and how to do (through low-level programming language).

The differences between the 4 interperters dreamhost has are relativly small. All the commnds work the same, just syntax changes.

That’s probably more than you ever wanted to know. :slight_smile:

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would your FTP program handle the calls to the server and automatically use the proper interpreter?