Secure folders

Hey there. I need to host my files that will be delivered to end-users after they purchase them. I’ve got nearly all of it setup, but I need to create a directory(ies) to hold the files securely, that cannot be accessed by robots/users/hackers/etc (or at least as protected as possible.) I just need links http links that can plug into my content delivery software.

I’ve purchased a new domain to deal strictly with housing the content. I’ve done nothing with the domain yet. So, the million dollar question is - what’s the best way to move forward? Thanks so much for providing idiot-proof instructions!


idiot-proof? try DH’s files forever service.

Well, maybe a little less idiot-proof than that. Again, I have a domain I’d like to use for the content, particularly due to the space involved.

I just want to make sure that whatever the solution is, the end-user cannot access the files directly without making a purchase and receiving the link through the program. ALso, want to make sure they cannot see an index of files and/or folders on the server, etc.

Also, I’m not looking for something that Dreamhost would handle billing/etc. I’m using a third-party solution that merely needs the files to be hosted somewhere else.

Which shopping cart apps have you researched and why did you reject them?

For a variety of reasons, I am using Shopify for my shop/cart.

Digital downloads are provided by Fetch. I am a beta user of a new plan that lets you host your own files instead of hosted service from Fetch. Thus, I can have a high-quality shop from Fetch at and have the content hosted at

A setup like that would allow me a substantial savings with regards to storage space. It’s a niche shop that won’t have significant bandwidth usage, but does require larger amounts of storage.

Make sense?

The part that you are missing is that you need some means of piracy prevention.

So I buy then content, I get credentials to another site to download it… i get it, then I post the link somewhere… now what?

At the very minimum it seems like you need to restrict content availability to a time period, and depending what or how valuable the content is restrict it with some kind of expiring cookie, but these are topics that appear more advanced than you are in your thinking…

By idiot-proof, I merely meant I was looking for more detailed information.

Any advice as to the best solutions for the situation would be much appreciated.

According to this, Shopify already does what you want, or am I missing some unfulfilled requirement?

BTW, DH offers unlimited storage space. There are reports of users legitimately using 1TB or more without issue.

Shopify requires Fetch to handle downloadable content. Fetch charges an additional fee for that service, based on storage space.

As you can see, that gets pricey quite quickly.

The makers of Fetch have a beta in place that is much cheaper, and instead of using their own storage space, each item will ultimately link to your own hosted data. It simply asks for a link to the file and it does the rest.

I’d ideally like to host those files under a new domain I’ve purchased solely for such material. I just need to know where to start in order to secure that domain/download folder(s)/etc.

According to Dreamhost, I would not be allowed to host the content if the store itself is not also hosted. Bummer.

Now I’m considering similiar options. Please feel free to make suggestions. Thanks!