Secure Certificate Problem


Hi,I recently purchased ssl professional signed certificate and did alll steps in wiki page,i also get confirmation email that my ssl will be installed shortly
but it is already one day passed and no https// sign with broken lock or full lock near domain in chrome
There Is Globe Near Domain
My Domain Is and i contact tech-help but they not clearly understand my problem
They Gave Me this websites saying that i have insecure content,
This Website says that SSL Successfully installed on this domain
And This Website says that there is some insecure content but it supposed to show some from this signs near domain
Or This
Check With Domain
But I can not see something here is picture.
Blue Arrows Shows No Sign Near Domain
Thanks I Will Appreciate Every Reply


Looking at the page source, and watching the page load in Firebug shows that you are loading a few things from other servers, such as:

etc… (those are not the only instances, just a few that I picked out)

You need to change all instances to https:// (if https is available on that service, if not then you will have to figure out how to host the content yourself on your site, or omit it)

Also Https does work on your site (with the mixed content warnings you are currently seeing causing the broken lock), but you might also want to consider something like this in your .htaccess to forces users that arrive at the http door to use the https…

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !443
RewriteRule (.*) [R]

be sure to change the last line, to your sites https url.


Thanks For Reply LakeRat,Can you tell me about firebug so i will also take look to service that are not https//
honestly i don’t want to force something in htaccess,so i will just try to make everything https
and the other thing is that i can not see broken lock or warning I neither see https green one nor broken lock i just see simple like every other website…
and what if i can not change services to https,it mean that my website will not be able to use https and can no be secured?


You have 2 problems 1) mixed content and 2) you page is both http:// and https://

If you navigate to You will see your insecure content warning

If you just type in the browser bar you will see (note: this is HTTP not HTTPS)

If you use the code snippet above (edit line 3) in your .htaccess then anyone that types will be redirected to (the secure version)


i tried it gives error 302 found something like that i changed url to mine :frowning: no result.
i just copied that right after tags opens and changed url

Ok Https Problem solved
now can you help me with how to make it secured,how to remove things or change things to https,because the files that firebug give,i even not know what they are and how to access them


Just display your site, and type CTRL-U to look at page source, the type Ctrl-F to search on that page. Type “http://” (without the quotes) in the search box and you will find about 20 instances of http:// on the page… most, if not all, of those must be updated to https:// (I did not go thru each of the 20 to see what they were). Then go thru the entire site loading each page, looking to see if it has the mixed content warning that breaks the lock, and if it does, then look at page source (ctrl-U), and find (ctrl-f) all instances of “http://”


so if i will go and change that 20 http to https problem will be solved?
and what if that http for example is fonts of website i found 2 on this website given by technical support how can i change that ?


Both the the fonts problems found on appear to also be available as https:// (most google content is) so just update the links to them from http:// to https://


Thanks LakeRat I really appreciate your help,but i don’t know where fonts is located, i used wordpress and premium theme from and i don’t know where they located to change them :(…
I check With Coding seems know everything locations and can change them expect theme files and fonts…
maybe will contact theme support and ask for location of files because it is 1000000 of files in server i don’t think i can find that lines in coding of theme :slight_smile:
i will quickly change http to https and when done all i will report you a result of your big help
Thanks God That i know HTML Knowledge :slight_smile: And you too
Question Update
If i am using other service on my sub-domain which is
and i not installed certificate on sub-domain ,what will happen if i will change http to https,i tryied already and mess up my sub domain content is it supposed to be like that?


[quote]If i am using other service on my sub-domain which is
and i not installed certificate on sub-domain ,what will happen if i will change http to https,i tryied already and mess up my sub domain content is it supposed to be like that?[/quote]
Yes, that’s normal. There’s no free lunch for subdomains — you have to set up HTTPS separately for subdomains (including a certificate and a unique IP), just like you would for any other domain.


oh,thanks for reply.
by the way i can not access to my website ,
in my last visit everything was ok and working fine…
i think it error in servers
is there any maintenance going right now?
i contact tech support no respond yet
**All work now
Thanks,i only need to make Secure connection now and one more thing
if my homepage have insecure content and other page have secure,it i will show secure connection on page that have secure content?

With The Help Of Tech Support
And Special Thanks To People In This Forum Problem Completely Solved!
Thanks Again