Second opinion


I want to keep hosting with DreamHost if possible.

The software my developer is using is:

nginx, postgresql, rvm, and unicorn

Here’s more details from my developer:

“The filesystem is clearly laid out the way I’ve explained. I can’t in good confidence maintain a server that is so configured, and I refuse to do so. If you want to stick with this host, I suggest visiting a site like, and establishing a contract with another developer. I
will given them the necessary access to the code to date - I don’t know
of anyone personally to whom I can refer you.”

Here’s Dreamhost support response:

"It sounds like the developer is unwilling to work with our server configuration. We can only recommend that you follow
his suggestion and use another developer. We do not provide different
server configurations. If you like you can try posting both and our message board at

Can anyone suggest a way
I can work with a developer who
can make this happen for me ASAP?

A developer who can make what happen? You haven’t really described what you need here.