Searching site on Dreamhost

I have a website on Dreamhost and would like to know if there’s a way to add a search engine for things on my site. I don’t want to put a general search button for all things on the Internet, just the pages on my site. Does Dreamhost offer this, or does anyone have a suggestion on any external tolls that could be used?



If your site is dynamic (driven by a database), you will be able to easily build your own search tool. If it is static, your best bet is something like Google’s custom search engine.

Simon’s website
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I think he wants to create a search engine on his/her site.

I don’t think DH provides the internal search engine.

You may need to write your own search engine. What most of ppl do is to store the links to a small database and search within the database. You can do this with PHP and MySQL

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