Searching for domain names

Does anyone know of a website/database that allows you to find all the registered domain names that contain a particular string?

For example, you could plug in “dreamhost” and see every registered domain name out there that contains it (including “” and “”).

I used to use a great site called, which I think is operated by Tucows. I don’t think it’s been updated for about a year, which makes it pretty out of date.

It was a fantastic short-cut compared to going to a domain registrar and typing every single permutation you were considering.

Uh… sorry. I asked my question before I hit google.

I came across a site that’s doing what I’m looking for at It seems like it’s pretty up to date and actually has a little more functionality than the old domainsurfer.

If anybody has any other sites, I’d still appreciate the recommendation. Thanks!

And in case you all were wondering… there are 32 registered domains that contain “dreamhost.”

i’ve been using for my domain searching needs, it’s quite good. i’ll have a look at that link you pasted.