Searching for a simple shop or ecommerce plugin

Does anyone have experience with a slimmed-down e-commerce plugin for WordPress?

I am working on a site where they want buddypress, several custom-post-types, and the ability to sell a handful of items.

I would like to keep the back-end as simple as possible.

In the past, I have used wp-shopping-cart, and woocommerce. Both were great, but in this case it would be a bit over the top for just 5 or so items that will probably not sell very much of.

I am almost tempted to make a custom-post-type and try to come up with some functions that will track sales, but if there exists a simple solution already I am open to trying it.

In my experience, usually, if I can imagine a plugin, someone has already written it. I am imagining a simple plugin that has one main menu in the back-end, and some short-code or hooks to add the products to the front-end, and then sends the transaction to Paypal, and tracks the transactions.

Before you wild-ones tell me to search the plugins in, know that I am already doing that so save yourself some typing. I am also looking through CodeCanyon.

Have you see ?

Veeewy intwesting…

I’m biased towards them. I don’t actually use any ecommerce apps (that stuff is a nightmare), but I really trust those developers as good people.

I am dinkering with it now, but it looks like exactly what I was looking for. It has a sligthly annoying thing where it puts the shop-fields on every Post and Page editor, but this was solved with another plugin:

Someone else clearly found that annoying as well!

Thanks. I think these plugins will be nice to work with.