Search or Session Problem on phpBB



Having not changed anything on my board since February, and support claiming they are unable to reproduce the problem I am posting here in hope someone can help.

There is a problem with sessions and searching. Goes like this:

  1. User logs in. Clicks View New Posts

  2. Results list is displayed. When user clicks on any new post, the page is returned but without a session, so user is required to re-login.

If user highlights the URL in the location bar or reloads the page, then the correct page is loaded complete with session (no re-login required).

It is as if the session information is not being passed along.

I have thousands of users. Many are able to reproduce. Support cannot.

I have been through all the session threads of phpbb (changing cookie values etc) but none work.

I have installed a fresh vanilla phpbb installation using the same DB and same problem occurs.

There is also a condition when you hit the newposts URL directly (without logging in) an unformatted page (without stylesheet) appears.

Currently I am at a loss as to explain what is going on.

I am also disappointed by support and their inability to reproduce an easily reproducible problem which is compounded by the fact this problem started occurring without me having changed anything for months at my end (except to upgrade back in Feb).

Has anyone experienced similar?

Mr Wobble