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So you know when you search a few key words in yahoo or google or whatever search engine and the appropriate sites pop up. How do I make my site appear when certain key words are entered. The site is but when I search those words my site does not appear.

Any advice or help would be appreciated!



How long has your site been up for, it can take a while for search engines to index it. This could be months.

Go to google, yahoo etc and submit your site, it will still take a while for them to index it though.


You could also sign up to google webmaser tools or yahoo siteexplorer to see what they have indexed.

Google webmaster tools
Site Explorer

At the end of the day just submit your site and wait for the engines to index it.

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That’s the $64million question! Google for “Search engine optimization”.

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Heh, luckily, the OP’s problem is much easier as there aren’t any current matches for glendale youth orchestra. Submitting the site to be indexed should do the trick.

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