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I’m having a real hard time trying to get ANY search engines installed and working. I spebt several hours on Sphider without any luck.

I really like Dreamhost, but the one thing I miss from every other ISP I have used is an autoinstall free site search program, be it sphider, entropy, or several others.

I realize that most people have moved on to the drupals of the world which comes with seach functions, but there are still some of us that are old school and trying to do a simple text based website.

Could we please get a one-click free search engine installed? Or perhaps some guides in the wiki.


I’ll assume that search engine consumes a lot of resource and is not recommended on a shared server.

check DreamHost TOS

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Note that these forums are generally only read by users of DreamHost. You should submit your suggestion through the Web Panel’s Support section.

In the mean time, if you describe the problems you are having installing Sphider, we might be able to help. Sphider looks like a pretty standard LAMP application, so it might just be some DreamHost-specific quirks that need to be addressed.

Another option you might consider is to use Google’s custom site-search. Of course, that would only work for public pages.

+1 for Google Site Search.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Some people a) Don’t like to rely on what Google thinks is important, or b) don’t like having to show Google ads and such in their own search results.

I’ve been happy using Google for a site search, but those are the complaints I’ve heard.


Good points.

@breeze: What problems are you having with installing Sphider?

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

@breeze: perhaps you might like to check out Fluid Dynamics’ Search Engine (; I have been using it for searching content on my site without problems.
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