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This may be a silly question.
I have my first website with affiliate products ready to start promoting, I am using Amazom USA products, my focus is USA markets.

Now, I am actually UK resident but I am currently working in Malaysia and will be for some time. When I set up my Dreamhost package they put me on the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia server.

I am wondering if these circumstances will penalize me with the search engines when I am trying to market in USA.

Many Thanks

The actual hosting is done on servers in Los Angeles. What makes you think the server is there? If you post the URL, we can check for sure.

I’m not a search engine expert, but it’s the content of your site that determines search results. If it’s in English, and it’s a .com, as opposed to a, then it’s most probable that your products will show up in a US search.


The Internet is still border-less (for the most part), and server location plays no part in search weight, nor does the .tld of the domain.

As Scott pointed out, it’s all about content when it comes to the Search Engines and pushing your sites up the ranks. Good content elicits quality back-links which in turn lend your domain more weight with Mr Google & Co.

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We have a bunch of recently deployed servers named after international cities; kuala-lumpur is among them. This is completely unrelated to your server’s physical location, though, and won’t affect search engine rankings in the slightest. :slight_smile:

Hi Scott
Thanks for your reply. My ftp server is However, another reply explains that this is the server name and does not reflect the actual location. You have answered my question and put my mind at rest. Thanks

Also thanks to Andrew and sXi.