Search engines?

I just started my page 5 days ago and when I look it up on google or metacrawler, it does not show up at all…How long does it take or what do I need to do for the page to actually show up in searches through search engines?

can take a bit of time for a site to be indexed, probably a few weeks you can try submitting your site yourself

for google submit at
For Yahoo submit at
for MSN submit at

you may also want to consider creating a sitemap google, yahoo and msn all use these now.

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In addition to their own submission processes, just link to it from a site that is already indexed, or just submit it to a few free directories–and you’ll be found.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean you’re going to show up anywhere near the top for what you think your relevant keywords are… but you should show up with a search.

Climbing up the results takes a bit more time, though. Just focus on creating good content, building up relevant inbound links, continuously adding fresh content, onsite SEO (keywords in text, unique title/description/keyword tags on each page…) etc…

If it’s something you’ll make money with, you can also pay to be at the top of the page (Google Adwords, YPN, MSN Adcenter…).

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