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I have a few sites registered and hosted with dH. These are .com. I have noticed that doing a web search for my sites only picks them out if i search globally rather than just in the UK.

Any way I can get sites hosted with DH to appear in the listing for UK only searches?

I also have some addresses and wondered if these are more likely to be displayed, or is it the case that as the sites are physically in the USA that search engines will just not find them on a UK only search?

( i won’t post the links on here, as previous experience shows that messages related to the sites / this forum come up first in search engines searches!)

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In my experience with .au domains, the domain name itself is enough to get them listed in local Australian only results. The actual geographical location of the hosting doesn’t seem to have much of an impact, at least that seems to be the case with


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I agree with Raz2133, I have one domain hosted on Dreamhost, and it ranks better under the localized Australian search, than the global search, so I believe a domain would have the same affect for you.

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