Search Engine Submission

I apoligize if this has been posted before. I tried to do a search for “search engine” but didnt get any hits.

Does DH provide any services with regards to submitting my websites to search engines? Ive seen other hosts claim search engine submissions but i never really used any. Now i have a couple websites i’d like to become popular but i cant any search engine submission tools… thanks!

No. DH does not offer any service like that.

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You might try the “promotion” forum since that’s what you’re trying to do…

And one thing you’ll learn really quickly is to put your URL EVERYWHERE.

Like in your signature!

Wholly - IS NOT MY PROMO CODE. Even worse, I don’t get any credit for it. Use WhollyMindless for full credit. I’m really disappointed in someone.

As mentioned, you can also just google “Free search engine submission”. Should provide you with tons of results.

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Google has an FAQ @

Warning: Google hit my site hard & DH band them by inserting a .htaccess file, so much for been a SEO friendly host.