"Seamless Transfer"

Greetings, I have a site on another web hosting server that I’m trying to move to DH via the ‘Seamless Transfer’ method described in KBase. I’ve searched the KBase as well as these forums, but am still unsure about a couple details…

The first step says to add the domain through “Domains > Add Domains” panel. I did so, choosing to not yet transfer domain registration to DH, and choosing “park” from the options of how to set up the domain.

I did not have a directory appear in my home directory to reflect the new domain addition, and have thereby arrived at an impasse. I’m guessing I should have chosen an option other than “park domain”, but I’m not sure what.

Before I go haphazardly changing things around, perhaps someone could share their insight with this beginner?

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Fully hosted is what you want, if you intend to upload content before the DNS is changed. The idea is to get DreamHost ready to serve the content before anyone actually comes asking for it. And you don’t get to upload content for parked or mirrored domains.

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Wow, thanks… I had a hunch that might be it!

OK, so far so good. Now I’m trying to set up my mail boxes–

My old mail hosting service had it so that you had a default address, which served as the catch-all, and then you could add additional addresses which would catch e-mail sent specifically to those addresses.

Now I’m setting up the new e-mail configuration through the DH control panel, and have a Q or 2:

I’ve added the additional mailboxes I require; when I click on the “Mail > Addresses” tab, it shows me what I’ve got-- an address labeled “*”, followed by the addresses I’ve added.

Does the addy labeled “*” imply that that is my catch-all, or default mailbox?

Thanks for your help, guys!

  • is indeed the wild card catch-all address


Cool, thanks-- I’m learning a lot here!